The South Skyline Firesafe Council was formed to help the community reduce the risk and impact of a wildfire, and help protect our houses from this danger. Our area coverage includes portions of San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties, State of California, USA, as described in this map.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing the loss of lives and to reducing losses of property and natural resources from wildfire. 

We provide education and outreach programs for fire prevention and preparedness to all South Skyline residents within the Council area. 

Our Goals and Accomplishments

South Skyline Firesafe Council operates through dedicated volunteers with financial contributions, in-kind donations and grants. We aim to educate the public about wildfire threat and fire mitigation while coordinating wildfire prevention efforts of local public fire agencies and others. Our focus is primarily to improve wildfire safety in two major areas: the reduction of dangerous fuel loads and the improvement of evacuation routes. 

Board Members

Your Fire Safe Council helps you coordinate with agencies, contractors and funding specifically for creating defensible space around your home.  Board Member Contact List.

For More Information

"" - CalFire interactive website to create your family's own wildfire action plan.

"Living with Fire" in Santa Cruz County: A Guide for Homeowners 2009
A multi-page guide to understanding how to protect your property against wildfire.

"CalFire Memo: Private Resource Utilization Guidelines" - memo on CalFire guidelines when working with private firefighting resources.

"Pre-Fire Management" - CalFire brochure on how to prepare your area before a fire occurs.