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South Skyline Association - Learn Wildfire Preparations


PLACE:   Thomas Fogarty Winery 19501 Skyline Blvd. (2.7 miles north of  Page Mill Rd.)
DATE:  Thursday, (yes, Thursday, NOT Friday) April 28, 7:00 pm – Premier Fogarty wines will be available.. 
We request a donation of  $5.00 per glass.  Light hors d’oeuvres and soft drinks will be provided.
7:30 - 9:00 pm – Presentation 
TOPIC:  Learning from Experience about Wildfire Preparations  
SPEAKER: CalFire Battalion Chief Ari Delay

Last year’s Valley Fire was one of  the worst in California history, destroying nearly 1300 homes, killing 4 people and burning 76,000 acres.  We have a lot to learn from that particular fire because our conditions here are so similar.  Winds spread the fire and embers at a ferocious rate but some people didn’t believe it and refused to evacuate.  When they did, many were unprepared and had to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  And then they found the evacuation routes already jammed.  When they returned many found their homes gone.  But some homes survived, seemingly miraculously.  Why?  This program will be an opportunity for us to learn what it feels like to actually go through the kind of  fire we would likely have here -- and to learn what preparations people should have made both to evacuate and to improve the chance that their home might have survived. We have invited one of  the chiefs who fought the Valley Fire to share his experience and insights learned there with us.  

Chief Ari Delay was one of the fire fighters Cal Fire assigned to fight the Valley Fire as a Division supervisor trainee. He spent 7 days assigned to the Valley Fire and was responsible for a team of  approximately 100 firefighters fighting the fire. Crews conducted structure defense and perimeter control in the Hidden Valley Lakes area.

Chief Delay began his fire service career with the La Honda Fire Brigade in August of 1991 and has served as Fire Chief for the past 5 years. He has worked as a seasonal firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, California Department of  Forestry and Fire Protection. In 1997 he joined the Half  Moon Bay Fire Protection District full time where he served in the capacity of Firefighter Paramedic, Fire Captain Paramedic and Battalion Chief over a span of  19 years. During the past eight years, Chief  Delay has worked as an Operations Battalion chief  of  the Coastside Fire Protection District/CAL FIRE where he is responsible for all aspects of mobile technology. Chief Delay served as the safety officer for the San Mateo/Santa Cruz Unit, Chair of the Coastside Fire Protection  District apparatus committee and is a qualified strike team leader. Chief Delay also serves on a County wide mobile technology group that is currently working on command and control software for San Mateo County. Chief  Delay resides in La Honda with his wife Julie and two children. This program is sponsored by the South Skyline Fire Safe Council and the South Skyline Emergency Preparedness Organization.  Each will provide a brief  update on their current activities and will have display tables staffed to discuss programs and provide handout materials.

Presented in conjunction with the South Skyline FireSafe Council