The following report updates to the Kings Creek Truck Trail fuel reduction effort carried out during the Summer of 2016.

Last week we completed our vegetation maintenance project on the Kings Creek Truck Trail.

I am attaching representative before and after pictures taken at about the midpoint of the Lower KCTT.  Note  in the "before" picture how much vegetation has re-grown since we cleared it last Winter/Spring.  (The cannister in the "after" picture is a pressurized water tank we carry with us in case our equipment sparks a fire.  We also carry hand extinguishers on our belts and a backpack fire pump in my truck.))

For completeness I am also attaching a representative picture of "after" veg maintenance on the Upper KCTT.  In the background it provides some perspective of clearing along the road.  (I had previously sent Tim a copy of this same picture.)

A total of 12 crews were used to complete the project, 6 on the Upper KCTT and 6 on the Lower.  In addition 4 Engine Crews (3 men each) were used in May and June at and just below Piano Pt.  However these were not as effective as the larger Fire Crews.  

For planning future projects, the Fire Crews averaged 0.4 miles/day on this project.

A list of the dates the Fire Crews worked is appended below, along with a list of the volunteers that participated.

I took personal responsibility for veg maintenance on the uppermost mile of KCTT, the part coincident with my personal access right-of-way.  My 2 man crew completed that in a little more than a long day.

10 days of the Fire Crew work was to be paid from Calfire Felton's allocation of SRA Fee funds and the remainder probably will be by the SSFSC.

The SSFSC volunteers provided 23 days of fire crew sponsorship and on-site project supervision.  We also rented the required toilet and moved it into position for each day's work.  

Vajrapani also provided a day of sponsorship and has agreed to clear out a patch of tall grass just below the State Parks gate at the upper end of their property.

Calfire Ben Lomond loaned us 8 weed whackers that we fitted with metal blades and maintained.  We provided several other tools of our own.

During our work on Lower KCTT we uncovered the remains of a Suzuki Samurai that had been dumped over the side of the road, mainly the frame and a seat.  (Neighbors to the east have several Samurai's that appear to be functional.)  We left it on the edge of the KCTT 2.25 miles from Hwy 9 at 37 12.645 N 122 7.664 W (37.21076,-122.12775).  Several pictures are attached.  A large pickup or small flat bed truck would be required to remove it.

We also noted that use of the Lower KCTT by motorcycles is continuing.  Short trails enabling motorcycles to easily bypass all three gates have been created.

Finally I would like to point out that French Broom is proliferating between the Saratoga Toll Rd. portion of the KCTT and the San Lorenzo River.  Some is visible from the Toll Rd. but most of it is closer to the River.  The Fire Crews were ineffective at pulling it near the kiosk.  Furthermore there is more of it than we could deal with as part of this project.  It might be worthwhile inviting the Wildlands Restoration Team to take on a project to control it.  I would be happy to contact them if it is appropriate.

Thank you for your support and assistance in enabling us to do this important project.

Regards, ..Eric Isacson,
South Skyline Fire Safe Council
August 17, 2016

  Dates the Fire Crews worked:
     Upper KCTT, Piano Pt to Vajrapani 2.5 mi., 6 days:
Wed July 13 Crew 4, (Bus 6), Capt. Gerth
Thur July 14 Crew 5, Capt. Peterson
Fri July 15 Crew 5, Capt. Honore
Mon July 18 Crew 3, Capt. Moriarty
Tue July 19 Crew 3, Capt. Moriarty
Thur July 21 Crew 2, Capt. Thompson
     Lower KCTT near E end to Hwy 9, 2.8 mi., 6 days:
Mon July 25 Crew 1, Capt. Kwan
Tue July 26 Crew 1, Capt. Thompson
Fri July 29 Crew 1, Capt. Kwan
Tue Aug. 1 Crew 1, Capt. Thompson
Fri Aug. 5 Crew 1, Capt. Kwan
Mon Aug. 8 Crew 5, Capt. Honore

Volunteers that provided Fire Crew sponsorship and on-site project supervision:
Fred Glover  5 days
Ron Chandik  3 days
Kim Hamilton 
John DeLong
Karl Noonan
-several other people offered to help but were not needed!
mark haynie,
Aug 18, 2016, 9:32 AM
mark haynie,
Aug 18, 2016, 9:32 AM
mark haynie,
Aug 18, 2016, 9:32 AM
mark haynie,
Aug 18, 2016, 9:32 AM
mark haynie,
Aug 18, 2016, 9:32 AM