Skyline Boulevard Fuel Reduction 2014

This Skyline Boulevard project during the summer of 2014 cleared fuel from the San Mateo County border to Rapley Ranch Rd (Fogerty Winery).  Sponsorship by PG&E, CalFire and CalTrans.

Fig 1. CalTrans, CalFire crews and SSFSC volunteers working along Skyline

Fig 2.
Shaded Fuel Break "limbing up" trees to 10ft, remove trees and brush less than 6in in diameter, clearing from 30ft from the centerline.  The goal is to keep ground fires on the ground.

Fig 3.
Fuel break cleared up to the MROSD fenceline within the CalTrans right-of-way along California Highway 35 (Skyline Blvd).  The Before image is how the entire section looked before the SSFSC project.

Fig 4. In this Before picture, limbing up trees and removing groundcover helps prevent a fire from jumping from one side of Skyline to the other.